About Us 2013

OUR MISSION: To provide inspiration and affirmation for mothers at all stages through stories, learning, companionship and reflection in order to celebrate the collective influence of our strength as mothers.

A UNIQUE COLLABORATION:  The shape of our group reflects the nature of our mission.  We aim to include a broad community of moms in our programs and on our board.  In particular, we have been successful at creating a board that empowers passionate community volunteers and professional community leaders to work together at supporting our local moms.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you've been following our program for awhile now, you'll notice that we've invited some new moms to join our board.  At the same time, our long-time Board Members have formed an Advisory Board that continues to be involved in our planning process.  We're thrilled to have a growing group of committed, passionate moms producing the Mothers Symposium.  

Community Organizers

Nikki Chun

Amy Bassell Crowe

Jane Gee

Brette Hudacek

Kirsten Romer

Cristina Spencer

Organizational Representatives

Stephanie Agnew:  Parents Place San Mateo

Mora Ooman:  Blossom Birth

Karen Friedland-Brown:  Parents Place Palo Alto

Maria Abilock:  Pre School Family 

Amy Renalds: Palo Alto Weekly

Advisory Board

June Badal:  Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Becky Beacom:  Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Education Devision

Nora Cain:  Stanford Health Library

Sharon Keplinger:  Pre School Family

Sharon Murphy

Mary Ruth Quinn

Nancy Sanchez:  Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

Megan Swezey Fogarty

Contact information:



From left to right:  Jane Gee, Amy Bassell Crowe, Mary Ruth Quinn, Colleen Haesloop, Nora Cain,
Sharon Keplinger, Stephanie Agnew, Karen Friedland-Brown and Becky Beacom.

From left to right:  June Badal, Sharon Murphy and Cristina Spencer. Missing - Megan Swezey Fogarty, Amy Renalds.